Our Story

MA/RÉ is a high-end women's shirts label born in Paris in 2021, founded by twin Parisian sisters Margaux and Lola Rebois.

It all starts with the Shirt: Margaux's favorite piece and the desire to create shirts specifically designed to fit the women bodies.Inspired by men's tailoring and traditional Japanese clothing, MA/RÉ invites you into a minimal and poetic world, where simple and structured cuts interweave with soft colors and refined materials.

Less and Better

We are committed to offer high-quality products.

We have carefully selected exceptional fabrics and materials : double-twisted cotton poplin used by the oldest English houses, Egyptian cotton, satin and silk organza. We work with well established Ateliers in Paris and Portugal to assemble our collections, passing on a history of savoir-faire and excellence.

We have the desire to create unique and durable designs: quality clothes that will last over time, timeless pieces that you will never get tired of.


Textile Sourcing

We use natural fibres and biodegradable fabrics such as organic cotton and silk,made from recycled materials GOTS certified. We re-use existing resources : high-quality leftover and deadstock fabrics stored in Couture Houses.


Our production is not only respectful of the environment but also of people. We have great relationship with all our partners, making sure all the people involved have fair and ethical work conditions. Our biggest partner located in Portugal is also GOTS certified, which guarantee decent wages and a good working environnement for the workers.

Local fashion

We offer locally sourced and produced garments. Our fabric suppliers and production are based in Paris, France and North of Portugal, ensuring we minimise the travel and carbon footprint of our brand.

Slow fashion

We produce in small quantities, at a reasonable pace.We design permanent seasonless collection released twice maximum per year.

Made to last

We design quality lasting pieces that will last over time.Classic, versatile, staple clothing items for a timeless wardrobe that you will never get tired of.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our labels and packaging are made from recycled materials.We use OEKO-TEX certifieyd woven labels, carbon neutral mailer bag made from 100% recycled plastics, andboxes made from minimum 70 % recycled paper

  • Any Question or Concern regarding our Supply chain? Don't hesitate to reach us, we'll be happy to answer.
    The MA/RÉ sisters