Textile Sourcing Commitments
We only use natural fibres and biodegradable fabrics such as organic cotton and silk.
We re-use existing resources : high-quality leftover and deadstock fabrics stored in Couture Houses.
Our production is not only respectful of the environment but also of people.
We have great relationship with all our partners, making sure all the people involved have fair and ethical work conditions.
Local fashion
We offer locally sourced and produced garments.
Our fabric suppliers and production are based in Italy and in France, ensuring we minimise the travel and carbon footprint of our brand. 
Slow fashion
We produce in small quantities, at a reasonable pace.
We design permanent seasonless collection released twice maximum per year.
Made to last
We design quality lasting pieces that will last over time.
Classic, versatile, staple clothing items for a timeless wardrobe that you will never get tired of.
Eco-friendly packaging
Our labels and packaging are made from recycled materials.
We use OEKO-TEX certifieyd woven labels, carbon neutral mailer bag made from 100% recycled plastics, and  boxes made from minimum 70 % recycled paper.
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